I’ve worked in Ludlow for over 13 years,
I’m heavily involved in the community
and made lots of great friends there

Ludlow is famous for food: passionate producers, characterful bistros
and restaurants, and epic festivals. I’ve seen the food scene grow and develop
over this time; I spotted a gap and thought I could combine my passion for
gin with my passion for Ludlow. It’s something new for the town I love, something that will spread the news that its a great place to visit. 
Ludlow sits at the historical heart of the Welsh Marches, the borderlands between Wales and England. This region has been my home for the last 20 years; it’s an incredible place, from the rugged landscape of Shropshire, to the rolling hills of Herefordshire.


We distill gin as it has been crafted for hundreds of years, using only the finest natural botanicals, and definitely no artificial colours or flavours. We use a traditional, copper-pot distillation, all we add is water to bring the gin to bottling strength.
Over many months and even more experiments I developed a range of unique but traditionally juniper-led recipes, all at a decent 42% strength. Taking my inspiration from some of the greats, our classic 'house gin', Ludlow Dry, is perfect as a G&T or the base for a martini - also available in Navy Strength at 57%,
for the serious gin connoisseurs. Our three other gins provide a contemporary palette of refreshing drinks - only you can decide which is your favourite. You can read more about our classic gins here.

Even our labels are special: they are hand-made by master printer David Lewis
at Cherry Press on a 1950s Heidelberg press using beautiful Italian paper; the story about their creation can be found here.



The gin isn’t necessarily dry: the term refers to both the strictly-controlled method of production and the fact that in the 19th century, gin was often much sweeter, like Old Tom, sometimes even served with cream and sugar. Traditional London Dry gins have stood the test of time. They also provide the perfect base for cocktails, the juniper-led notes sing through other flavours: gin as it should be. They don’t even have to be from London.

It’s all about handcrafted excellence



We love our gin short: a dash of premium vermouth, shaken over ice, the perfect martini. We've even put together a cocktail making course especially for you. Experiment, have a play, get mixing, but always: drink with style! 

Shaun Ward (Wardington Bear) - Director


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