Mocha Rocky Road

Mocha Rocky Road


Mocha Rocky Road Rocky Road is the updated form of ‘Tiffin’– a much loved chocolate and biscuit confection. HM The Queen loves a version of it at teatime, so it has impeccable credentials. This version of Rocky Road further gilds the lily with the addition of Wardington’s Original Project X Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, taking it well into mocha territory.

This really is a melt, mix and chill recipe (no baking) and you needn’t be concerned here with all that chocolate tempering nonsense. You can change the ingredients as you wish, add dried fruit, perhaps nuts but keep the proportions roughly the same. The marshmallows are necessary to give it a billowy toothsome texture– if you omit them you may end up with Rocky Tarmac– and
a dentist bill. This is also great for a gift for friends– but try not to keep dipping into the tin on the way...


300g chocolate of choice (we used a mix of dark and milk)
125g butter
3 tablespoons (roughly 45ml) golden syrup
50ml Wardington’s Original Project X Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
200g dry biscuits (Rich Tea, digestive, Hob Nobs etc all suitable)*
80g mini marshmallows
80g whole glace cherries, washed and dried
Icing sugar for dusting
*we used gluten free biscuits to
make this a GF friendly recipe
1 x 25cm square foil tray or lined baking tray


Break the chocolate into small pieces and place into a large-ish saucepan (you’re going to use it for mixing) with the butter and the golden syrup. Melt over a very low heat and stir occasionally– the slower you do this, the better. Once melted and thoroughly incorporated, take off the heat and add the Project X liqueur and stir well (don’t beat it).
Take out about 130ml of the melted mixture and reserve in a small jug or pot.
Put the biscuits into a bag and whack them with a rolling pin– don’t go completely to crumb, you need some chunky pieces for the ‘rocky’ element
Carefully stir the biscuit pieces, marshmallows and glace cherries into the saucepan until well mixed.
Tip the mixture into the foil tray and flatten it down with the back of a spoon or spatula. Once it’s fairly even, pour over the reserved 130ml of mixture as a sort of road surface and smooth again.
Place in the fridge for at least 3 - 4 hours (overnight is good) to allow it to set up
Cut into roughly 18 square or finger pieces (make them as big or small as you want) and then dust with icing sugar to finish off.



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