Ginspiration - An Intro


A little overview of the story of how we created Wardington's Original Ludlow Dry Gin

To celebrate our second anniversary, I’ve finally had my arm twisted into writing some blogs about our journey so far. Give me a drink and some company and I’ll happily chat for hours, so grab yourself a G&T and hopefully you’ll enjoy my little ramblings all about Ludlow Gin: what we create, who we work with and what we aspire to.

It’s all about handcrafted excellence; each chapter in the blog fills in more of the story behind our timeless, classic gins.

Here’s a quick look at my tales: 

  1. Ginspiration – Gin glorious gin: my ‘eureka’ moment and a little background
  2. Gingenuity – after the idea comes hard graft and perseverance
  3. Ginstinct I – Creating our classic range of gins, our little family of four
  4. Ginstinct II – Creating Wardington's Original – a serious of happy accidents
  5. Ginstinct III – Bringing the brand to life – a picture is worth a thousand words
  6. Gintown – Home is where the heart is – Ludlow the loveliest of towns

Pour a gin and enjoy!

Wardington Bear 


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