A Garden Party for Six

A Garden Party for Six


We are almost there, folks! The first easing of lockdown restrictions is just a few days away and in today’s email I want to create the perfect garden party for six. Imagine a beautiful spring evening, a fire pit burning away, music playing and your first group of loved ones with you — actually in front of you! — enjoying some delicious food and a gin cocktail.

What will we drink?

Our resident mixologist, Teddy, has created a perfect spring-time cocktail showcasing our collaboration with Radnor Infusions. Introducing the Citrus Spritz: To make it you will need 2 parts Ludlow Dry No.2, Chilled Sparkling Wine and Radnor Hills Lemon/Mint Infusion. Fill a large wine glass with ice. Add 2 parts Ludlow Dry No.2 and equal parts of chilled sparkling wine and Radnor Hills Lemon/Mint Infusion soda. Stir to chill and combine. Garnish with a lemon twist and sprig of mint.

What will we eat?

Our plates will be full of the food created by the incredible producers local to us here in Shropshire. People don't automatically think of Shropshire when they want good salami, but Shropshire Salumi produce full-flavoured, richly-textured salamis and cured meats, created by hand, just how they should be! I may also treat us to some incredible Appleby’s cheese from this traditional dairy, which produces award-winning cloth-bound cheeses. I can’t forget What-A-Pickle to tie it all together. My friend Camilla will provide us with some of her famous Tomato Chilli Jam and then we will eat!

Image by Karen B Photography

What will we listen to?

You all know how much I love music. Music is absolutely integral to Peter and my lives. After some consideration, our music accompaniment would be some jazz or 1920s music on the wind-up record player. Perfect.


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