3.4 Sharing Punches

3.4 Sharing Punches


Learn how to make sophisticated punches to keep the cocktails flowing

A punch, or sharer cocktail, is a great way to cater for the masses. Unfortunately, punches have a reputation for being sickly sweet affairs, full of orange juice and cheap spirits. This doesn’t have to be the case. By using a Ludlow Dry Gin, as well as premium liqueurs, cordials and juices, you can create some stunning sharer cocktails for your next soiree.

Here are three great recipes to make sure you’re always ready to whip out your jugs and make some seriously smart punches


Punches require a fair bit of ice. That freezer tray may not suffice. I’d recommend picking up a couple of bags of ice from the supermarket. Keep them in a cool-box if your freezer is too full.


The Spring Spritz is the perfect refreshing drink for those sunny May Bank Holidays. But if you’re hosting the garden party, you’re going to need a bartender to make them individually if you want any time for socialising. At risk of losing a gig, your other option is to simply make jugs of the stuff. For a sparkling wine bottle’s worth of Spring Spritz, add 10 parts gin and 2 parts of a Belvoir cordial (elderflower is a crowd pleaser) to a jug. Scoop in a generous helping of ice along with cubes of cucumber and slices of lemon. Pour in a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and a good glug of soda water. Stir and leave in a shaded spot for guests to help themselves.


Cordials are heavy sugar syrups which sink to the bottom of a jug if left too long. Stir your Spring Spritz regularly to keep the flavour fresh and vibrant.


Here’s one for drinking with the tennis or sipping with a round of croquet. I think the Ludlow Summer Cup is a much more sophisticated and indulgent fruity jug than the Wimbledon classic. You’ll need a lot of similar fruits, and a bottle of lemonade. But apart from that, it’s a completely different drink. Add 5 parts gin, 2 parts White Heron British Cassis and 2 parts of their British Framboise to a large jug. Add chopped strawberries, lemon slices, cucumber, mint leaves, blood orange slices, and a good scoop of ice. Fill up with lemonade, stir and deuce. Teddy to serve.


If you have time, let the fruit sit in the gin and liqueurs for ten minutes before adding the lemonade. The spirits will take on all that amazing fresh vitality and the fruit will soak up the alcohol and become gorgeous boozy sweets to enjoy while waiting for the nibbles to come around.

Indian Summer

It seems that every year, Britain’s hottest days are in September and early October. The trees may have turned golden and the sun may hang low in the sky, but British summertime persists. And so too do the weekend garden jovialities. The Ludlow Orchard is a smooth autumnal cocktail perfect for the last days of summer. Add 5 parts gin, 2 parts Triplecello, and 2 parts of a Belvoir cordial (again, elderflower works great) to a large jug. Add ice and slices of fresh ginger. Top with Colcombe House Apple Juice and stir for a silky and rich apple cocktail. Serve this one in a tumbler glass over ice with a sprig of mint.



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