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Asterley Bros - Dispense Modern British Amaro

50cl 26%

Based on 17th Century recipes from 'The London Dispensatory', Dispense Amaro combines 24 botanicals including gentian, hops and wormwood with the Asterley's Bros family's Sicilian Amaro recipe.

Blended with their signature vermouth made from British pinot noir grapes, this is a uniquely British Amaro; London meets Sicily.

Sip with tonic for a complex aperitif, add a splash to your G & T or indulge, after hours, with a single cube of ice.

Botanicals: English Hops / Orange / Grapefruit / Lime / Vanilla / Apricots / Raisins / Dates / Basil / Rosemary / Kaffir Lime / Ginger / Lemongrass / Coriander / Cardamom / Gentian / Devil’s Claw / Rhubarb / Chickweed / Hyssop / Milk Thistle / Liquorice / Myrrh / Angelica

Allergens: Sulphites

Vegan: Y



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